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LD+ r3.0 released on patreon!

Posted by indivigames - June 19th, 2019


Get it here!:


This release opens up New Ark City, and brings with it a buttload of clothing options!



-Improved colors on certain clothes

-Changed criteria for indecency status

-Added Cargo Shorts to initial clothes box

-Added events to Gentleman's Club

-Fixed furry shrine switch for Lin Lin using wrong check

-Modified how screen fades work

-Adjusted how much buffs certain states give

-Modified how npc portrait panning works

-Fixed bug where only using first name didn't work correctly

-Setup New Game+

-Opened New Ark City

-Added sleepiness mechanics

-Can get a drink in Devil's Drink for buff

-Added lots of clothes

-Adjusted how equipping clothes works

-Adjusted colors for white eyes

-Made exception for ramhorns when hiding head ears with hats

-Prevented slime monster attack in starting area if haven't met yet

-Added revenge scene for Lin Lin

-Fixed bug allowing for 0 damage.

-Added skill for beating Lin Lin

-Added facial portrait changes for NPC fights

-Can't use skills while bound.

-Can save during bad end extends

-Fixed clothes not updating body

-Can preview clothes in item menu

-Added functionality to show diff npc and player bg

-Menu button hides more reliably now during scenes

-Added auto-trigger encounters button. Removed Attraction Spray

-Fixed bug where male/female partner checks weren't working properly.

-Fixed dmg not showing when lewding male/female while their respective checks are off

-Prevented Lust Tonic from affecting Giant Plant and Fairies

-Implemented savefile plugin allowing savefiles to auto-transfer between versions.

-Modified how NPC clothes work

-Modified graphics for horse-cock

-Opened tattoo shop. Added chest, crotch, facial tattoos

-Added pubic hair in chara creation

-Added non-slime pregnancy and lactation

-Added genitalia vibrators

-Added giant worm in Forest Park


Comments (5)

there's a bug where where the arm used to masterbate stays on the portrait after done masterbating, making the character have three arms, and doesn't go away regardless of anything you do, it doesn't matter what position you masterbate in

Thanks, it's fixed!

can't wait for this to be released publicly..i'm too poor to support anyone on patreon :(

Oof, no worries. Good luck!

@timedemon same here

Will this version of the game be released on newgrounds any time soon? I'm planing on supporting on patreon eventually, but I cannot at the moment

Next month, around end of first week!

This will be so amazing! I can't wait! Also are the event's at the gentlemen club that we can now start working there?

Thanks and yes!