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Lust Doll Plus r7.3 released to public!

Posted by indivigames - November 7th, 2019


Hi everyone, here's the release for Lust Doll r7.3!

In-browser: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/732699

Win: https://mega.nz/#!jR1BCIRK!yzmQ6Jy9_M-Gv9kdmchmqAiR-EodBUscmoxYot5bFrg

Mac: https://mega.nz/#!zBtn3aQD!ne6LJ9_XSVCMc_PgsdBe9KKC832FDW5VOu_8KsjyUFQ

Linux: https://mega.nz/#!zN83gSwZ!CoLkZ2-xSxCAdkkJVsr2M1wDeLzSv8fCJ09s0VL6iZY

Android: https://mega.nz/#!bA9RhCqQ!4d6EwiYzAsg4r9kjlC4G-SJSUbhvX5o2g-DZD0l6ZFA



-Fixed changing hair color in Transylvania causing soft-lock.

-Increased storage closet menu size.

-Added Logbook in warehouse in Abandoned Town.


-Fixed talking to Rinny causing crash.

-Marked unusable items.

-Fixed bug where clothes can be duplicated.

-Added storage closet to condo.

-Fixed changing hair sides and back in Transylvania causing soft-lock.


-Fixed landlord prompt asking for 5000 creds, but only needing 2000.

-Fixed talking to Rinny causing crash.

-Fixed Bandit Girl futa creampie not impregnating


-Fixed not being able to run after Edith fight

-Rinny puts clothes back on again after revenge on Edith

-Fixed changing credits not updating hud

-Fixed clothes preview not going away

-Opened condo in New Ark City

-Fixed NG+ allowing random encounters early

-Added lots of things to do with Rinny, mainly pregnant and futa related

-Fixed position of balls in down position

-Fix Rinny staying naked after Edith revenge

-Prevented selling Anywhere Seller. Can now only buy one.

-Prevented making more Your Milk after reaching the max carry limit

-Leaving New Ark City without the pass no longer gives you one.

-Fixed Fishnets graphic

-Added haircut place to Transylvania

-Removes blindfold during certain part of manor quest

-Prevent NPC's from taking action during encounters after surrendering

-Fixed certain graphics not updating with state/clothes changes

-Added futa scenes for Bandit Girl


Comments (15)

thank you for releasing all of these update to my favorite game here on newgrounds

You're welcome!

Update! Woo!


Update yes!!


What about the big pitcher plant in the forest? Do I finally kill it?

Not yet, it'll be a while before that can happen!

I'm little low on credit. How do I get the credit cheat back in the Character maker?

You can't unfortunately. There'll be more ways to make money in-game soon!

Damn i was still playing 7.1

Saves should transfer!

well i decided to check up on this at the right time cant wait to check out version 7.3

اربد أن انيك هذه الفتاة

i give this update a 10/10


I wish sleeping didn't get rid of your buffs. Unless you're ok with re-buffing, you have to go back to Arklight and get a massage from Lin-Lin each time. It makes the condo kind of pointless.

You do eventually get sleepy, which negates the bonuses from your buffs. Otherwise, the buffs would have to go away through some other means (or else they might as well be permanent)

good job creating this game its really fantastic, i just started playing a day ago and i reached ark city but i can't progress further and i don't know where to go, can you help me? or is there any available walkthroughs for the game?

Thanks! Did you find and rescue Rinny in Forest Park? Once you do, leaving the city will let you go to Transylvania, where there's a big quest!

im wondering will elf jail ever get an update

Probably not for a while unfortunately. It's just not as popular :/

@RatShade @indivigames How long does that take? I was able to get through the whole game ( get a condo, clear the Park, and defeat Edith) while only healing via massages, and I never noticed sleepiness.

A while for sure. I might have to readjust it.

I have to say I absolutely love this game, but I I've been curios as to whatever happened to Rainy Skies.

Thanks! Rainy Skies, same as Elf Jail. On hiatus while I work on LD+.

Please add a way to use the milk pump without needing pregnancy, takes far too long to do with every character I make because it's so useful of an item to pass on, also is the black market in the game because the walkthrough said that's how I should get the pass into new arc but haven't found it

There will be a way to lactate without needing pregnancy next release!

The walk-through is for original Lust Doll, not Lust Doll Plus! Original Lust Doll is here if you want to try it: https://indivigames.newgrounds.com/news/post/1030432