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LD+ r12.1 released to public!

Posted by indivigames - April 7th, 2020


Hey all, here's the public release for r12.1!


In-browser: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/732699

Win: https://mega.nz/file/nQ8l0LKR#QPpodjI3zWhpKRCvwtSedtzZh9FhQ3ifVw0rm4icu_U

Mac: https://mega.nz/file/CAsRUDzD#aD7_q1UhMuZOBFa6DavJxsflFHzNEVlkPGqGYmbdIxs

Linux: https://mega.nz/file/LYlBVBzC#h68OmYrHoPN5K15Ks1TaZoc-6VZ4pGE_NejuKPDW120

Android: https://mega.nz/file/ec1FmJCY#A5NYhCkQ4qKsYGnbEAF2ylTYpPO0vai2ZZg81pongnk


-Can give Bell Choker, or Silver/Gold Heart Collar to allow her to wander again

-Cassie can be made pregnant

-Fixed logbook mentioning Alissa before you've met her

-Fixed bug where previews of certain clothing wouldn't be removed

-Fixed wearing neck items while bent over

-Made Bell's human form thicker. Fixed Bell's eyes when milking. Cleaned up Bell's portrait files

-Fixed crash when talking to Cassie about Alissa

-Fixed extra window spaces in choicelists when certain choices are hidden


-Added capturing bandit girl

-Can now wear earrings if have head ears, but not normal ears

-Added arm and leg tattoos to tattoo shop in slums

-Added some alternate tribal tattoos

-Added furry versions for bandit girl and manor maid

-Added collar lockets, hair back ribbons, tie boots, spacer shoes, fang and feather earrings, aviator sunglasses, flipflops, rolled sleeve shirts to underground mall, and hammer to hardware store

-Fixed crash on winning fight with wildcat

-Moved Cassie's furry shrine to her safehouse after unlocking it

-Fixed cloak not being removed during scenes

-Fixed bugs with toll guy

-Fixed deleting saves also loading them

-Fixed Bell having dialogue while she's missing when buying cock milkers


Comments (16)

I absolutely love the new clothes! Especially the bow and the locket!

Thank you, glad to hear it!

When can you talk to Cassie about Alissa?

Need to do three scenes where she interrupts you and Cassie. Then sleep and talk to her! One of the scenes involves 'annoying' Cassie XD

Oh dear, some of these sound entertaining XD Any chance we might get some rope in the hardware store someday?

Perhaps! I'll see about its uses~

I'm a little confused, is there anything specific I need to do to "hang out with Cassie and Alissa"? Cause I've tried doing Cassie's events in bed and the bathtub and nothing seems to be progressing.

What Gopnik-Cat said!

@jacob51413js Talk with cassie and spam "Change Clothes" a few times untile you get a new option. after that, go to the bed upstair and sleep, then talk to cassie again.

@tapingfan @indivigames Which scenes do you mean? i've done 2 but what's the 3rd one?

Try 'annoying' cassie XD

I hope this will destroy the plant.

not yet!

I've got a bug report; during the strip club scene where you get hand cuffed, if you're wearing the ragged cloak your arms go through it, and if you have a tattoo, then it gets layered over the cloak. Just a visual issue, nothing more.

Thanks, I'll take a look

@NewFuturefire @indivigames I'm having trouble when i go to Cassie at the safe house and try to talk to her she has nothing to say please help and love the game keep up the hard work.

In the slums, force past the toll guy, sleep, then return to start her route! And glad to hear it!

Seriously, i've done the bed scene and the bath scene, whats the 3rd scene and how do i get it?

Got to annoy Cassie XD

Do I need the furry kink enabled to view the furry shrine?

Yes, but I'll be changing it so that turning off furry kink auto reverts all NPC's to their non-furry states

I completed cassies route by fighting dons bodyguard. I cant seem to find other cassies events, all 3, bed, bath and some ‘annoying’ cassie (from what i have read so far)

You need to not get a bad end after saving Cassie! There's a way that doesn't involve fighting the bodyguards

@DontAskMyName0 @indivigames Yeah about that, any hints for the wild goose chase. The man whom i gave 1000 creds for stirring a commotion on the slums.

Sleep, look for him again, find him in the slums, go back and do it proper, sleep, go back to Arlene!

@Lawgaming @indivigames @indivigames is there something different that happens because i have saved her from the don and it gives me a end.

You need the help of one of the NPC's to change that. It's the one that says they can't do anything for you unless something changes. Talking to them changes something in the slums

How do capturing the bandit girl works?

Finish Cassie's route, and then you'll be able to!

How can I ensure my future with cassie before fighting don?

Talk to Arlene, and then something will have changed in the slums!