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LD+ r18.0b released on Patreon!

Posted by indivigames - September 20th, 2020


Just released r18.0b on Patreon!



-Added lots of milk farm content

-Added possible balls to futa Rinny and bandit girl

-Added changing body to Shop of Horrors

-Revised gamepad controls

-Revised instructions for controls

-Revised how choice windows show 7+ choices

-Revised Rinny's normal and benched portrait

-Revised Bell's normal and milked portrait

-Revised Gin's human form to have human cock

-Revised code for private dungeon

-Changed pubes to be same color as bangs

-Combined futa and futa balls shrine

-Reduced cowgirl requirement to 5 to invite bulls

-Increased Mistyra encounter chances on appropriate floors

-Fixed bug preventing Giant Plant from defeating you

-Fixed bug where doing NG+ after learning magic would lock off those parts

-Fixed some bugs related to wearing cock accessories, then removing cock

-Fixed bugs with resetting cowgirls at farm

-Fixed bug with repeating experiment in Science Lab Tower

-Fixed bug where you can keep using skills after reaching max lust

-Fixed certain clothes not working properly

-Fixed bug where toll guard can be convinced without required speech stat

-Fixed bug where sparing don and leaving the city autosaves during ending


Comments (11)

How do you do experiments in the science lab tower?

Speak to the receptionist! Although it only works if your character is male with certain kinks activated.

When will it be released to public?

8th of next month!

@Transformers1145 maybe 10/8?


Will there be a spell added that is like the cock growth spell only for breasts? Also why can't i use the cock growth spell on cassie?

I'm definitely considering it! Haven't made scenes for Cassie with it yet!

yesss I was hoping for more milkfarm content

Soon! XD

Is there a way to escape the ropes in the bdsm dungeon yet? Also how to get megaboobs/megacock and cumflation?

*The Torture Rack

Struggle fiercely, struggle, rest, struggle fiercely!

cumflation not yet

There is a bad end involving mega parts in the deserted base!

@Transformers1145 @indivigames How do i get the endings? Also what does it mean by not finished yet for stuff like asking to be a domme, being arlene's subbe, or asking cassie about the slave life.

Right now, there's just bad ends, and they're spread out all over the place! Not finished means I haven't finished making it yet!

@Transformers1145 @indivigames @indivigames what i mean is how do i get the megacock and megaboobs endings in the abandoned base

Get captured by Mistyra, then don't leave!

I found a glitch. While rinny is preggers, if you go to non preggers sex acts and have rinny grow a cock, the balls will stay there.

Thanks, it'll be fixed!