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iOS 14 might render game unplayable!

Posted by indivigames - 1 month ago

Hi everyone, please be aware that if you're playing the browser version on iOS, that the latest upgrade for iOS (iOS 14) may cause graphical glitches that make the game unplayable. Not 100% certain about this, but a few people have confirmed glitches on iOS 14, when it ran perfectly fine on iOS 13 and lower.

If you're experiencing (or not experiencing) glitches on iOS 14, please let me know! And if you're experiencing glitches, but figure out how to fix it, that would be really helpful too!


Comments (3)

Yes, IOS 14. The maps are split and skewed based on the message box and HUD layout and graphic elements (aka characters) do not show up. HUD buttons are obscured but functional and the menus and messages still work as expected.

Oof. Sadly, not much I can do about it. Hopefully Apple will come up with a fix, since it seems like iOS 14 broke a lot of things, not just LD.

Hello, I like your "game" but it has an error on android, bacicamente mo save the game you can save them but when you see chrom these games disappears.. Also thank you for reading

Thanks! It might depend on your browser's settings, like if it clears cache when you exit. I know that chrome on Windows doesn't even let me save, but Firefox does.

Would probably be best just to pick up the android downloadable version!

@Cristan1234 @indivigames
If that's what I did, I tried it and I see a lot of potential for the game and I love how you implemented fetish barios from a good point of view, however it created that it still lacks a lot to Improve both in the code and, in the story (which if you want I can help you) and enogged an error in the download version (in laboratory when you get like the expected patient and they reduce certain aspects taking on a "Cock vibre ring" The game jumps with error and crashes with that sign.

Thanks, glad you're enjoying what the game has to offer! And I'll fix that bug!