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LD+ r23.1 released to public!

Posted by indivigames - March 7th, 2021


Hi everyone, here's LD+ r23.1!

In-browser: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/732699

Win: https://mega.nz/file/KJMBnKpb#Odh-98VvBjyyH1YMfGDPT7k2nmN4yOYd8QmG2dCfayQ

Mac: https://mega.nz/file/LUUVAQSL#bNNVzhwDB8sP2u8JmrD1aS5t3CPIKfLeOIDCejxZgCE

Linux: https://mega.nz/file/KENzzCgA#CQL-_BbP5YUKEQ75XRcdhnejbXiy9tXnosTG6vAvXlk

Android: https://mega.nz/file/zRElCI4D#37BY86XvXHICwUc0D6HZd9NIQJF5a4mA3DHJ0dP22tA


-Extended rightmost button hitboxes on android

-Removed Fawn disappearing event for now

-Fixed Breast Growth spell being selectable in battle

-Fixed bug where initial milk farm description reappears after event is completed

-Adjusted Spaghetti Straps

-Fixed bent over thicc hips graphics


-Added Fawn shibari event

-Added story event for Bell

-Added Breast Growth spell

-Added becoming drunk and related events

-Added asking Fawn to tie shibari for you to walk around in

-Added setting custom outfit set as sleepwear

-Adjusted Bell's surprised eyes

-Revised Sammy's furry and normal portraits

-Fixed bugs with bandit girl futa scenes

-Fixed Fawn vibe scene at Roxie's diner returning you to old condo if you've unlocked the new one

-Fixed issue with touch controls stopping on events that don't do anything

-Added indecent tag to meat parasite clothes

-Fixed getting into encounters in shop of horrors subspace

-Fixed bug where Fawn gets nude on repeating shibari event

-Changed Virgin Killer Sweaters to block lower wear slot

-Fixed issue with slime appearing over rope

-Added missing pink cowtail graphic

-Added sheets to Fawn sleep event

-Fixed Fawn being gone from doubles condo


Comments (48)

Time for some fun


FiRsT *ahem* sorry, logged in just as I was thinking "hey I wonder if the update is out yet?" And immediately saw this post, so my youtube commenter instincts kicked in, and I just had to say the classic "first".

Anyways, hype! Can't wait to check out all the drunk scenes, as well as The updated cowgirls content. Also, finally, a proper subbe scene with Fawn. Much prefer getting dommed, but it's still fun to be in control every now and again.

Also, shibari clothes are all awesome, but I hope they actually act as clothes you can wear and un-equip like normal outfits. If not, it's still cool, but it'd suck to have to run all the way back to fawn to tie or untie the ropes, and then go back to whatever you were doing.

One last thing for now before I go crazy exploring all the new stuff, how do you get the Thicc body type? I've tried, but I can't seem to get the fairy grove to work properly. Maybe I'm just being dumb, but I know I've entered the fairy grove before, so idk if it was changed, or if I'm just missing something on how to summon the fairy queen.

Domming Fawn's in hot demand XD. And logistically, you need Fawn to tie and untie for you, but you can go anywhere you want once it's tied!

Thicc is in fairy Grove, the way to get in hasn't changed any! You do need a special item, which you can get from the fairy encounters!

Also gosh dangit, I wasn't first. Ggs my good touhou fan, my long comment took so long to write I ended up losing first reply status, lol.

Quality over speed!

I found an issue. It says that there is an error loading the picture for bell on the rack in the tower.

Thanks, it'll be fixed in next release!

@Transformers1145 @indivigames thankfully, i was able to get past the scene despite the error message. Once i was back in the barn, i was able to leave the game and use the autosave to get back.

@Eee333eeE @indivigames Got it and got it. Still wish there were some other self-induced bondage clothes, such as handcuffs or some other kind of restraints, but then again, you'd still need to get someone to help take them off anyways, so I guess it makes sense.

Alright, I've looked everywhere I can think of. I've asked Rinny several times now. And I just can't think of anything else. How do I get the breast growth spell?

Had so much fun with gin thank you for being amazing!!!

Glad to hear! More Gin bullying on the way!


I am!

@Cybeast21 talk to bell

@AKWARDO Yeah you say that, except I've already done that a dozen times as well and it hasn't done anything. I need a specific explanation.

We don't deserve Fawn. She is just to precious. Too bad there isn't anyone like her in real life

Fawn is pretty great~

@Transformers1145 Exactly. It's kind of funny that the second heaviest domme character in the game is also almost as wholesome as Cassie, probably the least dominant character yet.

@Cybeast21 I'm not sure, but just to be safe in case it's actually needed, here's what I did, and what I think you need to have done;

I talked with Bell in the milk farm, and selected her actual talk option. It should be obvious which option it is after that.

Before that though, (I'm pretty sure) you need to have tried to milk Bell before, have used the body workshop in the succubus tower, and have at least started Rinny's route (not counting graveyard stuff)

it's a pity that the Fawn disappearance event was deleted. I was interested in painting her face

It's just disabled for now, it'll be back next release!

It just occurred to me: How do you enter the second locked door in the Little Shop O' Horrors? I've spoken to Dalvie before AND after buying the living underwear multiple times. Am I just dumb or is anyone else having this problem?

Can't get in there yet!

Hello !
I don't know why but my screen go completely nut every time I play now :'-( .It's just flickering as if there was a compatibility issue with the graphics, the game itself works fine : controls, ... .There are just the graphics which make it completely unplayable (besides giving a seizure). By the way I'm using the android version.

Did it work before? I'm not sure, unfortunately. You can try updating your drivers, redownloading and reinstalling. There was a bug like this on iOS before, that was fixed by updating the iOS version

How to get Cassie without ending with a "The End"?

Speak to Arlene, then visit the hobo area and get their help, before returning to Arlene! You'll need to sleep periodically to move events forward.

After getting the breast growth spell, I can't leave room with bell, or even open menu, without game becoming unresponsive (in-browser version atleast)

Not sure what's causing it, unfortunately. Glad to hear loading the autosave works for getting you pass it though

ok... continuing through autosave did allow me to leave and open menu....

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