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Lust Doll+ r27.0b is out!

Posted by indivigames - 1 month ago


Lust Doll r27.0b is now out on Patreon!




-Added science lab tower extended bad end

-Added several more animal onesies

-Added shibari graphics for bent over pose

-Added gallery exhibitionism scene

-Added new male NPC to UNA college

-Added Fawn to private dungeon

-Disabled auto-cumming at max lust

-Fixed meeting Rinny randomly when she's supposed to be tied up

-Fixed meat parasite staying on face after female infected fight

-Fixed milk farm intro text repeating

-Fixed issues with crashes from not undressing before certain poses

-Fixed softlock issue with Succubus Teacher trying to remove unremoveable clothes

-Fixed Linda always reverting to non-furry

-Fixed chest tattoo being cut off in certain poses

-Fixed cock/tits not appearing during Mistyra bad end

-Revised Mistyra's furry portrait

-Changed auto-cumming at 100 lust to not happen under certain criteria

-Added missing hair graphics for hoodie

-Fixed using 100 lust to bypass elevator fight

-Fixed running being disabled after elevator fight

-Fixed storage freezing when touch buttons disabled

-Fixed living clothes not being removed after event

-Fixed not actually escaping from milk farm during first visit

-Fixed discolouration issues with certain white body parts

-Fixed not being able to play the flute while blinded but not gagged


Comments (26)

Checked in at just the right time! Hyped to finally get some sexy revenge on Fawn and see her tied up and squirming for a change! *cough* and also more scenes of her being the domme... *cough cough*

Anyways, I should probably go speedrun back to where I was on my new save after an accidental browser history wipe deleted my old ones for the 50th time... If only my useless Kindle tablet was capable of downloading and running the game properly :T

Also, judging by the new additions to this update, I assume you're working on UNA next? If so, I'm excited to see the hospital developed, along with those two dog/nurse girls!

Indeed XD gotta get back at Fawn~.

Oof, sorry to hear. Gotta be careful with your browser settings for sure!

Yep, working on Una right now! We'll get back to meat parasites later!

Wait, so is the meat parasite route continuing month after next?

Taking a break from it while I work on UNA and private dungeon stuff. But I won't stay away from it for long!

I've been waiting for you! When will the new browser version be delivered?

Seventh of next month!

Yasssss!!!!! Cant wait for seventh next month!!!!!


Yessssssssss! Fawn can be use in private dungeon :D

Yes, finally XD

i dont even know how to get a passport to upper new yet ark lol

It involves the hobo that asks for food!

Are the ankle stocks avaliable to fawn? e.e

Not yet, but hopefully soon!

will it be only the bed or also the stocks in the dungeon for fawn ?

Just bed, working on stocks next!

@ggspastic talk to the guy that directs you to the fight club. You give him an apple, he gives you a hint. To reset him, sleep. After getting the fake pass, get a happy ending massage from Lin Lin. Do not tip. She will offer to show you how to make pass better.

Soon, I will be able to return the kindness that Fawn showed, by making her feel good.

Indeed XD

Holy fuck, that was fast!!!

Always new releases every month!

I find a bug when you fight infected scientists and you when surrender the infected scientist and he cumflation you a freezes the game

Thanks, I'll fix it!

@PattyVera had same problem, removing clothes before fight and surrendering made it work for me

@indivigames Wow i didn,t expect you read my commet!

I read this one too!

That pic is making me want to reconsider waiting until LD+ is at the same point as the original LD considering I like Fawn alot more than the other girls

haha, it's not too far out now! But yes, all of Fawn's original content is now in, and then some!

Does new pixie scenes come in the game or is that out of question?

We'll definitely get a route for pixie at some point down the line! She's just planned for really late game

One thing I started to wonder:
is going to be chastity belt/devices introduced at some point?
I can kinda see them being part of Gin's, or Fawn's path.

You could give keys of your chastity device to person of your choice.
Getting it back would of course require some "favor" ;-)

Then again, "Black ____ ?" underwear kinda works like that already.
Give the flute to person of your choice?

I'm definitely planning chastity events! Hopefully shouldn't be too long until then

Are you willing to add crop tops to the Underground Mall? 'Cause if so, that would be both cool AND sexy! Or how about some deep v-necks? Or maybe some off-the-shoulder shirts? Possibly some hoodies (Either crop-top, normal, or both)? Or, possibly, all four! Those are just some things I wanted to see in the game.

I'll see!

@Edd234 if crop tops get added, then there needs to be long sleeve and short sleeve variants.

@Transformers1145 That makes sense.

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