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LD+ r30.0b released on Patreon!

Posted by indivigames - 1 month ago


LD+ r30.0b is now out on Patreon!




-Added to private dungeon, domming Fawn in ankle stocks

-Added feets scenes to private dungeon, domming and subbing to Fawn in bed

-Added shibari facesitting scene in BDSM club

-Added lactation scene when captured by Mistyra

-Added hooves leg option

-Adjusted history log to work properly on mobile

-Adjusted positioning for Fawn cock and balls

-Adjusted Fawn furry portrait when wearing onesies

-Fixed several issues with history log

-Fixed several instances of not gaining RES exp during battle

-Fixed issue with graphics not changing when becoming aroused

-Fixed being able to collect Stinger bug venom without a bottle

-Fixed using Tol instead of Res in meat wall squeeze

-Fixed not getting nude proper when going through meat wall squeeze

-Fixed shibari graphics

-Fixed some plot related discrepancies/loopholes with Cless and Linda

-Fixed certain initial milk farm events not working


Comments (20)

YAAASSS for hoooves


Hooves are certainly something I'm looking forward to.

It's pretty interesting to look at!

I've been wondering if Fawn is going to use her new insight knowledge from her Cock Growth experience on you (if you've cock), or would that lead to another transcended time space continuum trip through pleasure overload?

haha, maybe? Not sure I'll use the same trick twice though XD

Finally, more facesitting. And a shibari scene at the Torture Rack, in one as well. Two things I've been looking forward to! Now all I need checked off on my personal wish-list is more tentacles, Arlene's proper route, and natural futa stuff, lol.

Haha, glad to hear! We'll get there!

I like that you put a Image for 30.00 it’s kind funny XD

Fawn's got a booty~



Hello, just wanted to start with how much I am enjoying the game. I am curious to how far the science tower route is. I am not sure if I have done everything. All I have done is bring the parasite to the science tower and then the flesh wall will not let me go to the next floor (I believe this is on the second floor, the same floor the girl scientist is on). Is that all for the route? If not, can I get some help to get me more on track to continue the quest. Thank you so much for the help :)

Thanks, happy to hear it! And as mentioned, you can progress further in it! If you're not sure, check your logbook. Still active quests will be highlighted!

@hymen4589 Ok, you're on the right track, trust me. Now you have to go back to the deserted base and encounter Mistyra, then after defeating her, you have to ask for her help. After a not-so-brief dialogue exchange, the meat wall blocking the way to the third floor will be gone, and you will have to make your way to the top. After you've fallen down the elevator, make your way back to the tower entrance, then go back to the deserted base where Mistyra will be waiting. You can figure out the rest.

Never knew how much I needed hooves in this game till now- I'm curious how they're going to work? I assume you can't wear shoes with them, but then how does that affect stuff like the mansion mission where you gotta find and wear the whole outfit

As it turns out, I'm gonna need to fix that part XD

@indivigames Good thing you have us, lol

@Averyfloofyfoox @indivigames perhaps the shoes and stockings could have a different graphic

Can the stinger bugs lay eggs inside me? Also how do I encounter them?

Nope! You find them through Cless!

The player's face also tends to move from the head to the crotch

Show me a screenshot?

is it avilible too public if not when will it be

Not yet, on the 8th!

8 day until the release in public

Less now!

Man, this game just keeps getting better, doesn't it?

Sure does!

@lustyKitty @indivigames i thought it was always released on the 7th

is gonna come a function where you can give characters clothes have just thought how cute cassie would look in the gothic lolita costume

Sometimes, like you can give collars to Bell. Really depends on me making graphics for it

On one hand, I'm hyped now that hooves are officially an option.

On the other, I'm curious if/when Gin's route will eventually prigress far enough in a direction where he can get my character pregnant (instead of having to wait until she's in late stage to have regular sex).

We'll get there someday with him!

@C74u14u That really does seem like a double-edged sword.