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LD+ r31.0b released on Patreon!

Posted by indivigames - October 21st, 2021


LD+ r31.0b is now out on Patreon! Super content heavy release this time!



-Added Meat Parasite Nest

-Added scene if attempt to train magic while Rinny's with you

-Added scene if play with Gin while having hypersensitive nipples

-Added scene if milk at milk farm while having hypersensitive nipples

-Added shortcut point for Forest Park

-Added wearing certain items when have hooves

-Added hooves version for gimp suit

-Made sleepiness easier to trigger

-Changed order of stats from states in menu

-Changed preggers shrine to include male preggers

-Fixed being able to do ankle stocks scenes as subbe while having hooves

-Fixed being unable to complete manor quest while having hooves

-Fixed infected female giving meat parasite when crotch blocked

-Fixed being unable to remove parasites at tower if didn't activate it in time

-Fixed issues when pursuing Mistyra with parasites

-Fixed issues with furry Mistyra crotch pose

-Fixed being aroused not increasing ero

-Fixed continuity issues with training Gin while having hooves

-Fixed issue with Fawn revenge inking in condo

-Fixed issue with message history and variables



*Looks at all the fixes*
Very nice. Also some of those additions be looking great too.

Thank you!

very much looking forward to the meat parasite route, I remember it beeing a nice surprise when I accidentally discovered it in the original game

Definitely catches people off guard!

Somehow "male preggers" is a bridge too far.

haha XD

Wouldn't male preggers basically be anal impregnation?

That's basically it~

I thought there was already a shortcut to the forest park. Am I wrong somehow?

As mentioned, it's shortcut to area near fairies!

@Ivlade123 I believe it means like an additional shortcut, this one going to the Fairy Queen's area of the forest, instead of just where Gin is.

@C74u14u I guess that makes sense...

So, when can we expect it to come out?

To public? Seventh of next month!

Ooo, looking forward to the new scenes with the hypersensitive nipples, thanks! :D

No problem!

yo I can't wait
this will go well with my French song

haha french song?

@Erovel @indivigames I'll be waiting...

@hypersunbread @indivigames he or she mean the French anthem

Still confused haha XD

oh! i am excited for this game gonna turn out

Gonna do my best to make it great!

What is the “sleepiness” that is easier to trigger now? I don’t recall that condition / situation.

If you don't sleep for a really long time, you can become sleepy!

@Joe2020 I remember getting it once... I think you need to play long time without sleeping/resting, so different kinds of restore potions are needed. I guess it takes less time now.

@indivigames yes

Hello, so uh, I'm very new with this game. And since I've already download this game and just heard about this new update, should I uninstall the old ones and download this new one if the new update released to public? Does it affecting my save file?

I have to make this account just to ask about this only lol

Hey, welcome! Don't uninstall if you're on android, just download the new version and install over it! If you're on desktop, save files will transfer automatically!

@indivigames Oh, thanks

All that we are missing is wings to add to the character, then we can make the character an Imp

It'll come!

@Transformers1145 Yes!

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