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Lust Doll Plus r32.1 released to public!

Posted by indivigames - December 7th, 2021


Hi everyone, here's Lust Doll Plus r32.1!

In-browser: https://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/732699

Win: https://mega.nz/file/aN9mQLjK#rloW__q_F1Z0Zo4zeKhVMFTW1jYlsd-8n2FIgysBzy0

Mac: https://mega.nz/file/WYsAAZoJ#LQJPsI_30KDnLXSObYzD-pA_JyFgR5p8cIg0ab2VhCM

Linux: https://mega.nz/file/6A9UyZoL#gl5Kygg-PJRX2dasLu8dyqLc5KzCEnKc7PUvbx9C2Gc

Android: https://mega.nz/file/qZtEwTKL#2x_y830TBvvCR8Se_hmd8b6NLS_vvILRwnPsqsDPQQk


-Fixed clothes issues with Marin's first trial

-Fixed graphical issue with underclothes and preggers

-Wear any now has chance to not wear anything in a slot

-Fixed scene access issues with Transylvania encounters

-Fixed being able to lewd non-lewdable enemies

-Fixed Fawn wearing odd clothes when visiting in Roxie's Diner

-Fixed Science Lab Tower removing parasites

-Fixed still being able to do things in fights after reach 100 lust

-Fixed certain clothes blocking crotch for scenes


-Added next part of Alissa's route

-Added Context battle option for each encounter, replacing Ero Attack

-Added bouncer job at The Rock dance club

-Can get a drink now at The Rock dance club

-Added shortcut in Deserted Base

-Fixed graphical issue with held items

-Fixed issue with wearing socks when surrendering to infected scientist

-Fixed bug where loading clothes set briefly puts on socks and shoes when have hooves

-Fixed issue with wearing Shibari and lower body clothes while pregnant

-Fixed bug preventing access to medical class on NG+

-Clothes that can be worn with hooves now have descriptors



First went to spar with Sammy, and defeated her solely through foot worship/tickling.
Then ambushed her in the shower, where I further teased her feet.
Finished off by hiding under her desk, to yet again give attention to her feet...

Sadly this didn't seem to spark Sammy to notice my apparent lust for her feet any new way. =^P
(other than the what follows the desk encounter)

Hahaha, poor Sammy XD. Hmm, I could see about her reacting somehow if you keep playing with her feet.

I have two questions:

1. How the heck do are we going to go further down Alissa's route?

2. When will we get to show Linda the glass tube our character starts in?

1. Look for jobs for her!

2. That'll be coming later!

@Ivlade123 Yeah I'm stuck on Alissa's route as well, got to the point where she's depressed but I can't go any further and I have no idea how to proceed.

Check your logbook! Alissa's log will be grayed out if you've done everything you can so far with her

Bug: It doesn't seem to be possible to remove Bandit Girl's pants. Context menu says [Nim][100%], but nothing happens.

Thanks, I'll look into that!

I can't progress the Alyssa/Cassie story. I've done it before, but I can no longer find the trigger which causes Alyssa to leave the safehouse. Not sure whether this is a bug or I'm just hopelessly dense. The bath is one trigger; the bed is another; what's the third?

As mentioned, you need to get Alissa to interrupt you and Cassie 3 times. The one most people miss is having to annoy Cassie (make her change clothes a lot. She can't be pregnant for this.)

@ideceive Clothes?

@ideceive Have Cassie switch between being dressed nice and being dressed raggedly over and over until the "make her" option appears. Then select that option.

Has the defeat the Plant scene almost done yet?

Not yet, but it'll be pretty soon!

How do I save Linda without the parasite sedater?

You don't need it!

I found a softlock: if you grab the wild cat, don't quite finish him off, and then surrender, its stuck in a endless loop of neither character being able to do anything

Thanks, I'll fix it!

@fepo I can't remember how to make her depressed.

I just discovered a way around surrendering in infected base. Just wear the special underwear.

XD yes

So after I try to sleep with Cassie, and Alissa interrupts us, how do I get her to do it 2 more times

@Daiguey One is ask Cassie to bath with you, another is try make Cassie change her clothes until you had to forced her (press change clothes multiple times until she's annoyed, then force her during that)

@Inciniumz2 Dude, what is going on in your mind? You clicked on an nsfw open world-esque game expecting it to be sfw? It's literally called "LUST DOLL," so, of course it's going to have a lot of fetish stuff, nudity, and sex. If you want a more clean game on NG, then, go play FNF or whatever.

@Inciniumz2 You're not the only one who made a mistake, it seems. I naively thought you had already known you can toggle fetishes.

The last two updates have been fantastic! The meat core was huge; the number of paths through saving Linda alone was mind-boggling, and the meat crawlers were pretty great, too. :-) It felt like an old-school dungeon crawl; I almost got out the graph paper to make a map! :D Very much looking forward to / hoping for some exploration of the glass tubes / our own origin story advancement.

The “Contextual” menu, while a bit of a non-obvious name, is a big advancement in the fun of choosing our own eroticism in battles; what a rework, going back over every type of fight in the game! :o But very fun re-exploring those options. :-)

I’m also looking forward to seeing where you’re going with Alissa’s route; not a lot of bridges being left unburnt so far… :-P ;-)

Poor Gin, I really thought he was going to get the better of us with hyper-sensitive nipples (and was kind of looking forward to that scene, honestly…). But no. LOL

I can’t believe you have a scene requiring Res 10+ with 100 arousal!… Yikes!

Couple very minor typos / grammar: Meat crawlers had a plural typo when on crotch. Linda says “…you didn’t you see…” Also, I was surprised that the boss of the meat core (no spoilers ;-) ) didn't react any differently when beaten erotically vs. physically. And, there was "you get down on the ground" when she was bent over at the waist, which didn't sound right, but maybe I was picturing it incorrectly.

Overall, great work, very enjoyable last couple of updates! Thank you again. :-)

Glad to hear it! Worked very hard~. And yes, we'll definitely be grilling Linda on our origin story before long!

Glad to hear you like the context option! It definitely feels much better than the general ero attack that was used for everyone before.

Haha, still figuring out what to do with poor Alissa! We'll make her useful yet!

Yep, Gin's got a lot of work to do if he wants to one up the player!

Haha, it's supposed to be a secret bonus scene! But from the sounds of it, everyone goes for it XD.

Thanks, will fix those typos! For this one, 'Meat crawlers had a plural typo when on crotch.' What line is that?

You're welcome! More on the way!

I was surprised that there is a secret character in the club.
I'm looking forward for new story about that character.

Definitely a fun character to write!

I just noticed a reference. When in the strip club, if you go over to the bouncer, it says that he is standing there menacingly


@Transformers1145 XD

I get it now. Thanks.

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