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LD+ r38.0b is now out on Patreon!

Posted by indivigames - May 25th, 2022


Shorter release this time, as I've been dreadfully busy due to moving, but did get quite a few things done!



-Added chastity belt to little horrors shop

-Added first half of chastity belt event with Fawn

-Added rope sandals to Transylvania shop

-Added lipstick kit to shop in UNA

-Can now change your safeword with Fawn

-Adjusted behaviour of crotchless lower wear

-Adjusted mobile version to allow for previewing of clothes/skills

-Fixed issue with tinkering multiple times in a row

-Fixed numbers overlapping when shopping

-Fixed doubled skill cost in private dungeon

-Fixed opponents on Island not having their lust and stamina values stored after battle

-Fixed Rinny growing balls on Island if kink setting is not enabled

-Island opponents no longer get a 'free' action after player grapples

-Fixed inconsistent NPC backgrounds in private dungeon

-Fixed meat crawlers staying on body if skip scene

-Fixed seeing the doctor requiring breasts

-Fixed pause sign appearing over page scroll arrows in message log

-Fixed hair flowers appearing on certain NPCs outside of Island

-Fixed being able to enter gallery exhibits after hours using party invite

-Fixed Fawn bikini bra hold when pregnant



I wonder if Kitty would appreciate chastity belt.
Gin could be other good candidate.

Speaking of Gin, I recently realized what his content kinda reminds me of:
There are/have been myriads of games, where point is to coerce/"train" a female character into being sex slave, through increasingly lewd acts/punishments.

Gin would be the second time I've seen something like this being done with male character, and it being done without the punishment element, makes it feels kinda nice and refreshing.

haha, for sure~. Glad you're liking gin's content! Training can definitely be for males as well

Nice, can wait to see it

Should be good!

You're adding chastity belts? Notice, I've been hoping for that feature.

It's been in the works for a while!

@camalou my interest has been piqued, what was this about a second time you spoke off; what may be the first?

@The-Dao-of-Fish "pride and submission", only played demo, here on NewGrounds.
Like I said; Gin is being done without punishment element... that game is much more sadistic/crueler.

@indivigames I'm sorry. I meant to type "nice" not notice. I'm on tablet.

@ninja0 I'm sure they understood you nonetheless.

Can't wait for the mobile release...although, does it need to be redownloaded? I don't want to lose progress. Also can't wait for an option to meet up with Mistyra without seeking for her

You need to re-download it, but don't uninstall the old version, just install the new one over it. That'll keep your save.

Will be more Mistyra in time!

So, I've recently been thinking about a new location for the game that's basically a haunted (possibly 2-story) house inhabited by a ghost (yes, just one). I know the possibility is SUPER slim, but if it does happen in a future update, it could be a way to learn how to possess various NPCs (excluding Pixie, of course), just as long as the player character has really high Mystic and Insight levels (maybe 50+).

Fun idea! I have something similar planned~

@indivigames Really? Seems interesting~

I also noticed that Rinny still has balls in the Island event after requesting Futa

Thanks, it'll be fixed! You do need to tell her to remove and restore them for the changes to take place