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Hey everyone, new release on patreon!: https://www.patreon.com/posts/28476547

I've opened up Transylvania and Succubus Tower, and made changes so that when you rescue Rinny, she'll give you directions to Transylvania. If you've already rescued her, you'll just be able to go there directly (it'll give you the option when you leave the city.)

Added a cream pie victory scene with bandit girl, a non-cock related revenge scene with Lin Lin, a victory scene with giant worm, and a victory scene with three fairies. With three fairies, it now works to use lust tonics against them.

People were having trouble with the outfit sets erasing/duplicating clothes. I've recoded them using an easier to understand method. Give it a go, and if it's still bugged, let me know and I'll try to figure out why.

I've also added some purchasable items to the nursery, orange windbreaker and pink hair/tail


-Added victory creampie scene with Bandit Girl

-Added non-cock revenge scene with Lin Lin

-Added victory scene against Giant Worm

-Opened Transylvania

-Opened Succubus Tower

-Fixed requisites for Lin Lin's revenge scene

-Fixed bug where multiples of same keywords didn't change after the first

-Fixed bugs related to things showing when hiding portraits

-Fixed bug allowing chara to be created without a cock or pussy

-Fixed bug allowing you to buy a lifetime gym membership with not enough money

-Fixed certain portrait priority settings when fapping

-Fixed bug where clothing preview won't erase when pressing back

-Fixed bug where last text disappears if no step events

-Made android button hitboxes bigger

-Fixed bug where Devil/Angel Milk didn't raise/lower lust

-Revised sorting algorithm. Items now on top of clothes

-Re-coded how outfit sets work

-Fixed bug causing blank slot to appear in wrong place when equipping

-Changed Giant Plant HP to 999. Improved healing for it.

-Revised code for glove wearing

-Revised portrait priorities to fix sleeves clipping under thumbs

-Fixed colors for dog cock

-Fixed gloves not showing fingers during preview

-Fixed lactation being off when boobs pressed together

-Fixed bug where surrendering to Giant Plant at max lust causes a normal defeat

-Fixed bug where can activate encounters during bad ends and in sanctum

-Added victory scene against 3 Fairies

-Added Milk Pump and Fertility Pills to Nursery

-Added Golden Apple to Forest Park

-Added Orange Windbreaker

-Added Pink Hair/Tail